U.S. and Mexico Deeply Linked By Trade

When North Americans and people from other parts of the world think of Mexico, one of the first things that they may think of, sadly, is the security situation in the country caused by drug traffickers and associated gangs.  However, smart investors Read more [ ... ]
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Mexico’s Real Estate Investment Trusts Becoming Popular as Economy Grows

Mexican Real estate investment trusts (REITs), after being introduced to the market two years ago, are now outperforming the stock market and are increasingly finding favor with investors at home in Mexico and abroad. REITs in Mexico are known in that Read more [ ... ]
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Mexico and China: An Expanding Economic Partnership

While Mexico’s economy has been growing steadily since the implementation of NAFTA and various other free trade agreements with dozens of other countries, the general perception has been that the country’s main trading partners and investors have Read more [ ... ]
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Mexican Telecom Reform: Where we stand?

Maybe you have been following my latest posts on the approval process for amending the Mexican Constitution in relation to Telecom (and anti-trust). If not, I suggest you read How I Learned to Stop Worrying about Telecom and Love the Pact or Don´t Panic: Read more [ ... ]
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United States/Mexico Railroad Transportation Quickly Expanding

Mexico is becoming the darling of the world’s manufacturing industry; along with highly skilled, experienced workers who are famed for their solid work ethic, Mexico has access to cheap energy thanks to its own natural resources and shale gas and oil Read more [ ... ]
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