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No Jobs, All the Opportunities

I already asked permission for hijacking this phrase from José Alberto Sanchis, a US-based serial entrepreneur I met at an alumni event early this year. Back then, global crisis seemed falling rock-bottom with little hope for a quick end. "No jobs, Read more [ ... ]
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Three Services to Supercharge Mexico City Government

Fifteen years ago, I was helping an IT client to close a sale for Supply chain management software. He was very optimistic about the Mexican market and told me a phrase I still recall: "Lawyers, Bankers and Government are the last strongholds to conquer." Yes, Read more [ ... ]
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New Crimes for Misusing Zoning Permits in Mexico City

It was all over the news. If you missed it, new amendments to Criminal Code for Mexico City, in force as from July 27, 2011, provide for new crime and penalties for misusing zoning permits. The sole purpose of having a real estate property is the ability Read more [ ... ]
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