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Telecom Equipment Treaty for Canada and Mexico

Effective as from June 1, 2012, the Canada-Mexico Treaty acknowledges standard evaluation proceedings for telecom equipment. This will facilitate imports/exports between these two countries. This Treaty does not cover electric security and is only usable Read more [ ... ]
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The Mexico-Brazil auto deal

It was 1921 when Buick established the first car production plant in Mexico.  Over 90 years later, Mexico became the fifth export country for vehicles in the world, only behind the US. Now, Mexican automotive industry is playing a key role for OEMs, Read more [ ... ]
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The Digital Transition Side Effect: Proposal of Packaging and Labeling for Non-digital TV Sets

On July 2004, Vicente Fox, former President of Mexico, set the time-frame for digital TV transition for December 31, 2021 divided in 6 periods of time. Now, during the third period, and under the Administration of Felipe Calderon, a new Decree was issued Read more [ ... ]
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Strategic Association Agreement between Mexico and Uruguay

On September 20, 2011, Mexican President Felipe Calderon published Strategic Association Agreement between Mexico and Uruguay. The scope of this Agreement covers the following: Establishes mechanisms for political, cultural, economic and social Read more [ ... ]
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Mexico and Colombia change formats for certificates of origin and declaration of origin

Last August 3, 2011, Ministry of Finance published amendments to the formats for certificates of origin and declaration of origin under the Free Trade Agreement between Mexico, Colombia and Venezuela, originally executed on June 11, 2010. These amendments Read more [ ... ]
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