Thanks to all who have been reading this Blog. As Mexico is entering into a deep process of reforms in many industries types, I am continuing this Blog at www.mexicanlawblog.com to reflect better that process. All content published here has been transferred Read more [ ... ]
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Audi Could Double Mexico Production to 300,000 Units

According to Audi CEO Rupert Stadler, Audi is on the path to strengthening already strong sales in the North American market with the laying of the foundation stone of automaker's new plant in San José Chiapa, Mexico.  "[This is] an important future Read more [ ... ]
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Mexican Telecom Reform has passed … What´s next?

Last April 30, Mexican Congress finally approved the Constitutional Reform on telecom (and anti-trust). Now it is time for the 31 State Congresses to review and approve. If any 16 Congresses approve the Reform, it will become a finished Reform. State Read more [ ... ]
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Mexico Reforms Attract U.S. Investors

Mexico’s transformation from an inward-looking, oil-dependent country to one of the planet’s most dynamic and open economies in twenty years has been, according to experts, astonishing.   While U.S. investors have always been interested in playing Read more [ ... ]
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U.S. Ambassador to Mexico Speaks to American Chamber of Commerce

“U.S. and Mexican companies do not simply sell products to one another, they build products together”, says Ambassador E. Anthony Wayne The U.S. Ambassador to Mexico, who spoke to the American Chamber of Commerce earlier this month, emphasised how Read more [ ... ]
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